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Filament loading

Start the filament loading
  1. Make sure the filament feeder tube is fixed in the side holder.
  2. Select «Filament > Load filament» on the menu.
  3. Select the material profile specific to the filament to feed in and press «OK».

The printer starts the algorithm for heating the nozzle up to the operating temperature specific to settings of the selected profile. As soon as the printer is brought to the right temperature, the printhead moves to the filament load position. The message about readiness for load is displayed on the screen.

Place a material spool into your printer

Unpack the spool, unravel the knot (if any), cut off the end of the filament with nippers and fix the filament end in side holes of the spool.

Push out the left side door and place the filament spool with the center hole on the holder so that the filament comes out of the spool from the bottom up. Install the side door with the spool in the 3D printer. Insert the filament into the feeder tube.

Use only 68 mm wide spools.

Always hold and fix the filament end while installing and removing the spool into/out of the printer. Prevent filament tangling in the spool: it may cause an abnormal stop during printing and damage the printer.

Load the filament into the printhead
Push the filament through the tube until it appears at the printhead side. Insert the filament end into the extruder hole until it stops. Hold the filament until you feel it is fed in.

As soon as the filament availability is detected by the end-of-filament sensor, the load algorithm starts. Progress will be displayed on the screen. The operation will take approximately one minute.

Finish the filament loading
When the load is completed, a small amount of filament comes out of the nozzle. Remove it carefully from the build plate. Pull the filament feed tube through the guide hole and insert it into the printhead until it stops. Press the joystick. The printhead moves to the parking position: the far-left corner. The filament loading is completed.
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