Designer xL
Removing and replacement
the heating unit
Tools you require: a Screwdriver Torx TX-TR (provided).
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By default, Designer XL is equipped with heating unit 400. It is designed to print using most materials at operating temperatures of up to 410 ºC.
Remove it in the following cases:
  • If there is any visible or hidden damage to the heater, which impedes the filament flow or results in an improper operation of the heater. In this case, you shall replace the heater with a new one.
  • Before printing using PLA, PETG, and flexible materials from certain manufacturers, when you need to replace «unit 400» for «unit 250».
  • When the feed channel is clogged, so that nozzle replacement does not help, remove the heating unit and clean the channel manually.

What is the difference between the heating unit 400 and heating unit 250

To remove, install or replace the heating unit, follow the step-by-step instructions:

Unload the filament through the menu «Filament > Unload filament».
If the platform is in top position, move it lower by selecting «Service > Platform position > Middle» from the printer menu.
Set the printer power button to 0. The printer turns off.
Move the printhead towards yourself.

When the printer is off, or since it is turned on until any function is started, the printhead can be freely moved manually.

Unscrew the 2 screws on the upper PH cover and remove the PH upper cover towards yourself.
Disconnect the heating unit contacts from the connector on the PH board.

When disconnecting contacts, pull on the plug, not on the wires. Be careful!

Loosen the recessed screw in the radiator by 3 or 4 turns of the screwdriver supplied. Gently pull the heating unit down.

Before removing the unit with your hands, make sure that it has cooled down after heating to remove the filament (step 1). Be careful!

Perform the desired operation: clean the flow channel or replace the heating unit.
Check for the availability of thermal paste on the outside of the thermal barrier (tube) and, if it is absent, apply it again (not supplied). Assemble in the reverse order: from point 7 to point 5.
Use any high temperature thermal paste with an operating temperature of at least 400°C. When using thermal paste with an operating temperature below the specified one, it may dry out over time and lose its heat transfer properties.

Install the heating unit in the printhead from the bottom up to the stop. Make sure the unit is level and does not rest with the case against pieces around it.

Set the printer power button to 1. The printer turns on.

If the diameter of the nozzle in the new heating unit is different from the old one, select the diameter of the current nozzle in the printer menu «Settings > Nozzle diameter».

Start printing a small task to check the functionality of the installed heating unit.

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